Balayage and Ombre' Lace Wigs

Introducing our LUXÈ™ Balayage & Ombre' Colored Lace Wig Collection

Our Luxury Balayage wigs are a great way to experiment with color, without the full-time commitment or damage to your natural hair. We offer high-end custom colored Balayage and Ombre' human hair lace wigs. This collection features luxury high-end human hair wigs that express our more creative skills.From Balayage to ombre shadow rooting and more. These these wigs are custom colored ready to wear and perfectly styled. Just like your own hair. Simply put on an go, no glue needed. Salon dyed with our curated line of professional dyes and formulations using our multi-tonal adapt coloring system, which means there are subtle highlights and lowlights (lighter and darker strands) throughout each set. This gives it movement, dimension, and depth. These wigs do not disappoint.