European Hair

Heavenly Tresses quality starts at the source: and it’s more than just going to Russia and its former republics to get the hair - Heavenly Tresses reserves the highest grade of hair any suppliers can find. We buy only single-bound ponytails, ensuring that the cuticle runs in the same direction throughout. Real natural Russian hair is the ONLY true European hair on the market. "Russian" means not just imported from Russia, but that the hair we source is from selected Russian ethnicity donors.


Due to the natural thickness, softness and glossy appearance of European hair, it is widely considered to be the "crème de la crème" of hair origins by both extension gurus and celebrities alike. Not only does it blend more seamlessly with Caucasian hair, but unlike Asian, Indian and other origins, European hair is Caucasian so the cuticle does not require over processing and stripping to reach the most popular shades. Along with being the least processed, Russian European hair is the softest and finest hair available so it does not require silicone or harsh chemicals. European Hair is naturally and organically fabulous which is why it requires no disguise. Best of all, Russian European hair continues to look amazing, wash after wash, allowing it to last for years versus months. For these reasons, Heavenly Tresses only uses Russian hair collected directly in the heart of Russia.


Although European hair can technically be used by anyone wanting fabulous hair, it is more suited for Caucasian women with finer hair textures. With this being said, please do not mistake fineness of hair for density. Women with fine hair can still have incredibly thick hair (Hello Kardashian's) we are simply talking about the diameter of every hair strand. Generally speaking, Caucasian hair is finer in diameter than hair from other backgrounds, such as Asian, African and Indian, which is why European Russian hair is known to work best for Caucasian women. Heavenly Tresses European Human hair wigs are not only perfectly thick and full, but they also blend seamlessly with Caucasian hair.