Insurance Reimbursement for Cranial Hair Prosthesis/Medical Wigs

Heavenly Tresses Medical Hair Replacement Units Insurance Reimbursement


If you require a wig for an existing medical condition, you may be eligible for purchase reimbursement from your health insurance provider. Coverage and your eligibility will vary greatly on your health insurance company and insurance policy.

Most insurance companies will reimburse a percentage or the full amount for a cranial hair prosthesis (a wig) for anyone suffering from medical hair loss. In order to find out if you're eligible for Medical "prosthetic" wig coverage, Heavenly Tresses recommends following these steps:

What to do first 

1.Contact your health insurance company  to find out if a medical "hair replacement" unit or "cranial hair prosthesis" qualifies for reimbursement, and if so what the parameters are. Remember it’s very important when discussing this topic with your insurance company to use the term“cranial hair prosthesis” or  “cranial prosthesis,” and NOT the word ‘wig.’ The reason for this is because a wig would normally be categorized as a cosmetic product which typically isn’t covered by insurance. 

Time to get your cranial prosthesis

Once you've confirmed you do have medical coverage for your "Cranial Prosthesis", follow these 3 easy steps, to streamline your insurance reimbursement claims process: 

1. Obtain a Prescription

Have your doctor provide you with a prescription, ensure your doctor uses the terms “cranial prosthesis” and  NOT wig. Terminology is very important at this stage. Confirm with your insurance company, exactly what they want your doctor to write on the prescription, so that there is absolutely no discrepancy.

2. Sales Receipt

After purchasing your medical wig, Heavenly Tresses will provide you with properly itemized bill of salefor your medical hair prosthesis. This will include our valid Taxpayer Number and NPI Number. The invoice will use proper medical terminology needed for this purpose. 

3. File your claim

When filing your claim, insurance companies may also require the claim to be under Durable Medical Equipment (DME). 

The documents you’ll need, 

  1. Doctor’s prescription
  2. Heavenly Tresses Receipt for cranial prosthesis
  3. Completed claim form for your insurance company.

Make sure to keep a paper trail and a copy of everything in case there’s a delay or something goes missing. Things such as your prescription, purchase receipt, a completed insurance submission form, and correspondence with the insurance company. Emails are great in this case.


  • Alopecia Hair Loss
  • Chemotherapy Related Hair Loss
  • Radiation Related Hair Loss
  • Thyroid Related Hair Loss
  • Kidney Related Hair Loss
  • Cancer Related Hair Loss
  • Medical Issue Related Hair Loss

The process of dealing with hair loss can be emotionally traumatic and hard to deal with. At Heavenly Tresses we have a compassionate team whom work daily with clients who are experiencing hair loss. Our goal is to provide you with the closest experience to your own natural hair. 


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