About Heavenly Tresses Lace Wigs

Heavenly Tresses premium lace wigs are one of the most realistic human hair wigs in the market. Although we are based in the USA, we ship Worldwide. Our affordable lace wigs are the perfect solution if your a man or woman looking for a natural human hair wig. Our range of wigs come pre-plucked with bleached knots and are pre-styled and ready to wear. We have designed a luxury wig collection to with the client in mind. but if you want to "create your own lace wig" then we accept custom orders too!

At Heavenly Tresses, you will find Lace Wigs that provide unmatched quality and versatility in styling. We are truly dedicated to offering you the most beautiful selection of Lace Wigs and Virgin Hair Extension products, while delivering excellent customer service. All Handmade and offer maximum versatility. So whether you're a curious Lace Wig newbie, or a veteran Lace Wig wearer, you've come to the right place for sophisticated style, diverse collections and top quality products
. We have the widest variety of textures available anywhere for all ethnicities and one of the most natural hairlines in the industry. 


1.  We design & manufacture our own line of extensions, wigs, and hair pieces.

2. We start by sourcing quality, raw hair ponytails from hair donors and collectors from around the globe

3. Our technicians’ then weft each hair bundle, hand knot /ventilate each hair piece & lace wig custom made to order just for you.

4. Special attention to detail is paid in the creation of natural textures that blend seamlessly with an array of hair types. We’re masters in hand crafting hair pieces and wigs that look amazingly realistic and attractive.

5. We’re experts in our industry with over 15 years of combined knowledge, skill & experience. Heavenly Tresses is a trusted source for top quality hair & expert craftsmanship.

The Craftsmanship

The key to making a lace wig that looks undetectable and realistic is the hairline. With more than ten years experience in wig making, our factory has advanced hair production technologies and skills. We have a strict Quality Control and inspection system for every procedure including making caps and bases, choosing high quality raw hair, sorting hair, coloring hair, bleaching hair, rolling hair, knotting hair (single knots, double knots, injection, half knots, bleached knots...available), perming hair and styling. Our Raw Human hair is 100% high quality, non-damaged human Virgin hair. There are different hair types that we offer such as Filipino, Malaysian, South American and European. All lace wigs are not created equal! Heavenly Tresses Lace wig designers are professional and skillful with years of experience. Our Production techniques keep our manufacturers ahead of the industry by producing only high quality products. Buy with the confidence of knowing that we offer you only the best quality in Lace Wig products.

Our Human hair lace wigs are available in Lace Front or Full Lace with the entire wig cap being designed from lace. The entire base of the wig is made of lace material that is matched to the scalp color so that the hair actually looks like it is growing from your scalp. The entire lace base also makes the wig look more lightweight and realistic. Our Full lace wigs can also be parted anywhere, styled in any way, or worn in a high ponytail just like your own hair. Once applied, the wig creates it's own flawless, natural and invisible hairline. Our Heavenly Tresses Human Hair collection is made with 100% fine quality human Virgin hair measured from crown to tip.

Our Stock Units feature:

  • Fine High Quality Swiss lace
  • Virtually invisible bleached knots around the perimeter
  • Super Soft Remy Human Hair
  • A transitional density hairline

More About Bleached Knots

As the name so effectively describes, these knots are put through a delicate bleaching process after being tied to the base in a knot.

This bleaching process takes out most of the dark color and leaves a virtually invisible knot that really appears to be growing right from your scalp! Please note: Bleached knots do not make the knot completely invisible, it makes the knots smaller and lighter, making them less noticeable. Light yaki hair textured units have knots that are only slightly bleached due to the processing the hair endures to be the yaki texture. This is done in order to help minimize the amount of damage and shedding you may experience. *

Single vs. Double Knots

Single knots are considered the best method of knotting when trying to achieve tiny, less noticeable knots for each individual hand-tied hair strand. Two or three individual hairs can be single knotted at one time speeding up the process to the detriment of creating a larger knot with less aesthetically pleasing finish. Single knots are hard to detect, however the down side to single knot is that the hair will shed more easily.

Double knots literally involve knotting hair twice to produce a double knot which provides a stronger, more robust knot. The resulting knots are however even more visible under close inspection. Although more easily detectable, double knots are stronger and therefore result in less shedding. Our Lace Wigs have single knotting around the perimeter and double knots else where to counteract these advantages and disadvantages.

More About Transitional Density hairline

The transitional density hairline replicates nature. Just like real growing hair, the first few millimeters of the our lace units are made with lighter density showing a subtle gradual transition into normal density.

The hair used in the front is also finer, just like a real hairline. Each individual strand of hair is affixed to our special lace material in such a unique way that you cannot see where it is attached.

Finally, when pressed onto the scalp with bonding adhesive, the lace becomes hardly detectable. The result is a natural, virtually undetectable front hairline.