Custom Lace Wig Ordering Information

We receive a lot of questions about our Custom Lace Wig order options, so this page was created to thoroughly explain the custom wig ordering process. It's long, but informative.   

To assist you with ordering a custom lace wig, please read below:


Processing times are currently extended and have been updated on the order form due to Covid-19. 

Step 1:

1a) I want to create/build a custom unit 

1b) I want to add custom options to a "stock" wig design

(Answer) First decide if you want to create an original custom unit OR if you would like to add customized options to one of our signature "stock wig" designs.

2) Virgin Hair Origin 

(Answer) Choose your desired hair type:


South American:


European Russian/Slavic: 

Take a look at our Hair Origins to see what hair type is most suitable.

3) Wig Length

(Answer) Choose your desired wig hair length: 

Decide where you would like the hair to fall on you once installed, keep in mind your height and body structure should be factored in when determining hair length. Our hair is available in lengths from 12 Inches to 30 inches. 

4) Wig Cap Construction

(Answer) Choose your cap style: 

Lace Front Cap:

Our lace front wig cap construction is hand tied at the front section of the wig cap, with approximately 6 inches of lace going back and lace all around the entire front hairline. The back of the cap is hand wefted. The lace front wig like all Heavenly tresses wigs has our signature natural looking hairline. Although the lace front wig is partially wefted, there is still plenty of parting space and you can achieve a range of styles including a mid-high ponytail and half up half down hairstyles. The lace front cap is soft and comfortable to wear. Glue is optional as the wig is secured with bendy ear tabs, combs an adjustable strap and a removable elastic band.


Full Lace Cap/w Stretch

This is a full lace wig cap construction giving you the freedom to part the hair in any direction and style the unit however you'd like. With lace around the entire perimeter and a stretch center panel. Giving you limitless styling options. This wig has NO strap, elastic band or combs. It will require installation or the use of glue or tape for application. 

Glueless Full Lace Cap/w Stretch

This is a full lace wig cap construction giving you the freedom to part the hair in any direction and style the unit however you'd like. The wig does come with lace around the entire perimeter. Giving you limitless styling options. The "elastic band" method is a secure and totally glueless option. This method is great way to protect your natural hair as it is non-damaging. This construction is designed for those who don't want want to apply any adhesive. Our glueless wigs include a thin adjustable strap at the nape a snug elastic band and combs. The wig can be put on and removed daily by the client.   

5) Measurements

(Answer)Choose standard measurements (XS,S,M,L)

For generic cap sizes it is recommended that you measure your head circumference. Once you know that important measurement you'll know which size is best 


6) Lace Color 

(Answer) Choose the your desired lace color:

The purpose of the lace is to imitate your scalp color, not your skin tone. For a better match part your hair, and look at the scalp color before making your selection. 

Transparent:Kim Kardashian [Caucasian/European]

Light Brown:  Jennifer Lopez ' [Latino]

Medium Brown:
 Janet Jackson [African American]

Dark Brown: Naomi Campbell  [African American]


7) Parting Style 

(Answer) Choose your desired parting style:

Freestyle- No defined parting can be styled and parted in any direction.

Middle Part - A clean and defined thin center parting in the unit

Left Part-  A clean and defined single narrow curved left part

Right Part - A clean and defined single narrow curved right part

8) Customize your wig cap

(Answer) Choose as many upgrade option as you'd like: 

Bleached Knots on your lace wig 

Bleached knots help make the hair on your lace wig look less detectable.They won't be clear or totally invisible. When hair is tied to the lace, there is a dark knot where the hair is secured. Bleaching or "lightening" these knots reduces the visibility of this knot. Helping the wig look more natural. 

Extra Baby Hairs 

Our full lace wigs all come with baby hairs around the full perimeter (hairline and back nape) of the unit - for a natural finish. However, if you'd like additional baby hairs added tothe unit we can do that for you. It just comes down to personal preference. Baby hairs help further the illusion of naturalness. These short hairs are hand tied on the perimeter of the wig. The hairs can be brushed into the rest of the hairs on the wig, or you can separate them and brush them towards your face.

Custom Illusion Hairline

You can now upgrade your lace wig and add an even more realistic "custom hairline" to your order. This "custom hairline" upgrade option increases the natural look of your lace wig. The hairline is customized to replicate a natural hairline with all its unique dips and groves, along with its unique width. By selecting this option we will create a more realistic hairline at the front of your unit. With a lot of soft delicate baby hairs and a lower density around the hairline for the most natural look possible. The purpose of this is to take away any harsh lines around the perimeter of the lace wig so that it gives you a more flawless application. Each hair strand is hand knotted and carefully placed to ensure the cuticle of the hair is in the correct direction. 

HD Lace 

HD Hi-Definition Lace is our is ultra fine film grade lace it's lighter, softer and less detectable offering a more realistic look than conventional Swiss lace. With our HD Lace you'll experience a more undetectable hairline and overall look. 


9) Base Hair Color

(Answer) Select your base color

One solid primary color from the roots of the hair all the way through to the ends. 

Advanced Color Techniques:

Ombré -The outcome is usually darker hair from the roots to the mid-shaft and a transition to a lighter color from the mid-shaft through to the ends. With ombré, there is a noticeable color blocking from dark to light, with a smooth transition in between.

Balayage - We paint the hair color on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking highlighted effect from end to root it's all about creating beautiful blends of multi-dimensional color.
HighlightsStrands of hair that we lighten. Highlights can be shade of light or dark. As long as they are lighter than your overall "base" hair color. 
Take a look at our Human Hair Color Chart for some inspiration.

10) Wig Density 

(Answer) Select your desired density 

The hair density that you select is really based on personal preference and what you feel looks and compliments you best. The standard percentage and most popular choice is 120% which is considered Natural/Medium Density. The average healthy human head of hair is considered to be between 100% - 120%. Keep in mind that each clients natural hair will grow differently. 

Standard - 100% (Hairline) to 120 -130% (Overall) 

Custom - You can specify two different densities amounts for (1) Hairline and (2) Overall Density. 

Take a look at our Wig Hair Density Chart to see what compliments you.

11) Professional cut and style

(Answer)Select if you want your unit cut and styled

Select the "cut and style" you would like. If you do not see the option that you would like listed under our selection menu then select other and write it in the notes sections

Additional comments/requests

Write anything else you think we may need to know about your custom order and we will try our best to accommodate you.