Lace Wig Swiss Lace & Silk Top Color Chart

Heavenly Tresses Swiss Lace Color Chart Heavenly Tresses Silk Top Color Chart


This color has a very light translucent tone to it, it is mostly worn by Caucasian women or very fair-skinned olive tone individuals.

Example: Kim Kardashian 

Light Brown: 

This color has a soft light honey tone to it, it is mostly worn by light-skinned African American women or individuals of other nationalities that have a lighter skin tone.

Example: Beyonce 

Medium Brown: 

This color has a chocolate tone to it, it is mostly worn by African American women.  

Example: Janet Jackson

Dark Brown: 

This color has deep coffee tone to it, it is mostly worn by dark-skinned African American women.

Example: Naomi Campbell 

What color "Swiss Lace" should I select?

Use our Swiss Lace color chart above as a visual guide to determine your desired color. If you feel a color does not match your skin tone perfectly, it's better to go lighter as opposed to darker.

What color "Silk Top" base should I select?

We recommend either Transparent [ Caucasian ] or Medium Brown [ African American ] to a majority of all of our clients because although your skin tone my be lighter or darker, mostly everyone has a light pale, or light brown scalp. We advise clients to order a silk base that matches their scalp color and  not necessarily their skin tone.