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1. Reason to go custom is proper fit:  - This eliminates being forced to glue or tape the unit to unwanted areas such as your own fine baby hairs of which is the #1 cause of hair loss when wearing lace units & lace frontals. It’s important to remember that lace wigs are not one size fit all.  When choosing a stock unit DO NOT base your fit off of the circumference size alone.  The circumference can be exact, however the remaining 5 measurements need to be within at the least 1/2 of an inch smaller than that of a stock unit to ensure that a sufficient amount of skin is available for liquid and or tape adhesion without compromising your natural hairline if present.  For example if your front to nape measurement beginning from your natural hair in the front to the edge of your natural hair at the nape is 14″,  then the front to nape of the wig should be 14.5.  
Click here for detailed measurement instructions.

2. Create and submit a Head/Hairline template: - Do you have protruding temple points? Does your natural hairline recede at any point? For some, creating and submitting a hairline template at the least will result in the most natural looking unit or frontal piece. A template allows your unit to be created to mimic the unique natural curvatures present with your own natural hairline and or shape of head.  Having a hairline that mimics that of your own may yield a more realistic look for some.  It’s definitely an option to consider.

 3. Upgrade to a Customized Hairline / Pre-plucked Hairline / Pre-tweezed Hairline: - The key to making a lace wig that looks undetectable and realistic is the hairline. Heavenly Tresses uses a latest techniques that make our custom lace wig hairlines look like it is growing naturally from your own scalp. With lots of soft delicate baby hairs and a lower density around the hairline for the most natural look. The purpose of this is to take away any harsh lines around the perimeter of the lace wig so that it gives you a more flawless application. Each hair strand is hand knotted & carefully placed to ensure the cuticle of the hair is in the correct direction so you get the most natural hairline.

4. Customize your density:  - One main focus at Heavenly Tresses is to provide units that will look most natural. We’ve already created density formulas to create the most natural appearance for most, paying special attention to the hairline, however you have the option to choose one of our pre-formulated density levels or create one more specific to your needs by using the density chart to specify desired density levels in specific areas of the unit to meet your needs.

5. Choose cap styles specific to your needs or lifestyle: Looking to achieve and even more realistic scalp appearance without the use of stocking caps, knot bleaching, make-up and other tricks? Try the Silk Top [hidden knots] options. Having trouble getting a lasting hold in the nape area? Try full lace with thin skin at the perimeter. Also we have the latest elastic band method.

View cap style options here.

6. Custom Hair Color choice: You have the option of choosing specific custom colors, we offer the latest hair coloring techniques from the popular Balayage, foil highlights, two toned colors/ombre' or even mix colors to create your own unique blend. 
View color chart here.

7. Length: Get your unit as short or long as you want. (Hair is measured from crown to tips, this is usually approximately 2″ shorter than what you may have experienced with weft/track hair. Hair is measured before curl/wave patterns are added please measure accordingly. If you want a 20″ curly unit order a 22″ to achieve the desired finished length.

Our Production techniques keep Heavenly Tresses ahead of the industry by producing only high quality hair products. Buy with the confidence of knowing that we offer you only the best quality. Heavenly Tresses has a wide selection of custom lace wigs.

Heavenly Tresses Team
Heavenly Tresses Team

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