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As we’re sure you know, when it comes to your hair, you get what you pay for. Investing in a custom wig made from human hair is a great example of how a quality accessory can ultimately gives you the best results.

1. Human Hair Looks Natural - Because it is!

A human hair wig is just that; real hair that has been cut and treated before being crafted into the beautiful custom wig that now graces your head. It looks just like real hair, moves like it, and can – for the most part – be styled just like you would with your own hair. Synthetic wigs have that unmistakable sheen to them, and, rather than looking glossy and healthy, tend to look as artificial as they are.

A synthetic hairpiece also lacks the natural movement and flexibility of a genuine wig, so instead of healthy-looking boho waves that move with your body, they tend to stay fixed and rigid. Ultimately one of the biggest drawbacks with synthetic pieces is that, at the end of the day, they just never look as natural as human hair. 

2. Human Hair Wigs Lasts Longer

There’s no way around it. A quality, luxurious human hair wig is an investment. But does it actually cost you more? In the long run it might not. For starters, most synthetic wigs will last under six months, meaning they’ll need more frequent replacing than a human wig, which can last a couple of years depending on how you care for it.

Additionally, a synthetic wig can’t be styled using most heat tools and it can’t be dyed, which means if you want to change up your look … you’ll be buying more synthetic wigs. A human hair option can be styled just as you would with your own hair, so it’s no problem to swap from a sultry straight-ironed look to red-carpet-inspired waves, eliminating the need to have more than one wig (unless you want to).

3. A human hair wig gives you more scalp and hairline options, for a truly customized look

If you’ve ever looked closely at the hairline on a synthetic wig, you’ve likely noticed that it doesn’t resemble anything about the way hair naturally parts. Our human hair wigs are created with a custom hairline – complete with baby hairs – which means you can wear it up or down without anyone guessing that it isn’t totally au natural.

Human hair wigs also typically come with more scalp options that match your skin perfectly – or as close to it as possible! Synthetic pieces – which are typically mass-produced – usually feature a one-size-fits all scalp design, which not only looks unnatural but limits the ways in which you can style it.

As we’re sure you know, when it comes to your hair, you get what you pay for. Investing in a custom wig made from human hair is a great example of how a quality hair unit can ultimately give you the best results. With a natural look, a long shelf life and a truly customized design, there’s a reason human hair wigs are rapidly gaining in popularity among savvy stylists. Browse our Heavenly Tresses Human Hair Lace Wig Collection 

Heavenly Tresses Team
Heavenly Tresses Team

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